Praxis Guilds are groups of entrepreneurial leaders committed to practicing and advancing redemptive entrepreneurship together in their location. They launch new initiatives, develop the redemptive potential in each other’s work, and build a collaborative network of founders, funders, and next-generation builders motivated by their faith, all in an effort to renew culture and love their neighbors.


Through a Praxis HQ-driven design program, guild founders build a collective vision for community of entrepreneurial Christians in their city, supporting each other’s lives and work, giving birth to new high-impact projects and initiatives, and extending the reach and practice of redemptive entrepreneurship.

Guilds are for builders: they will be entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary, connected to the local church and the next generation of Christian creators, and engaged with the larger Praxis network, content, and events. They’ll meet in small rooms for deep friendship while ‘producing’ new projects, initiatives, and networks around redemptive entrepreneurship in their city.

Redemptive Guilds exist for four goals:



Originate and support key redemptive initiatives as the creative center of the Christian community in their context


Close-knit, transparent relationships between people practicing redemptive entrepreneurship, increasing their sustainability, health, and impact



Scale the reach of redemptive entrepreneurship in a city or industry—building awareness, reshaping mindsets, and sparking new norms of practice


Accountability and conversation for high-capacity leaders applying the Redemptive Frame in their current work 

The guilds’ main characteristic was to set up something higher than personal gain and mere materialism ... and to make the teaching of love of one’s neighbour be not coldly accepted as a hollow dogma of morality, but known and felt as a habit of life.
— Joshua Toulmin Smith, A 19th Century Social Reformer

Guild Inspiration – The Clapham Circle

We’ve used this word “guild” because we’re interested in reconstructing a historical form of community that focused on deepening craft through community and had significant influence on society, alongside the church, family, and government.

Around the turn of the 19th century, The Clapham Circle — most famously connected with William Wilberforce — came together to birth and support over 65 campaigns and societies.

This “network of friends and families in England . . . who were powerfully bound together by their shared moral and spiritual values, by their religious mission and social activism, and by their love for each other” came together, steadily reshaping their society. They worshipped and worked together over decades, abolishing the slave trade, reforming education, working against animal cruelty, and funding Bible translation and evangelism.

In its most ambitious form, launching a Praxis Guild is an opportunity to ‘plant’ a 21st Century Clapham Circle.

Designing A City-Based Guild


Join Us

Thank you for your interest in Praxis Guilds. In 2019, launching a guild will be an invitation-only process to those who have been closely involved in Praxis. At the same time, we’re eager to know who is interested, so please fill out this form if you are looking to learn more about guilds and we’ll stay in touch with developments and opportunities.

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